If you’re hosting a birthday party, chances are you want to have a lot of fun and entertainment for your guests. For this reason, it’s important to create an exciting atmosphere with the right kind of games for the occasion. In our article, we look at some of the best video game trucks that can enhance your birthday party experience. A truck that will bring a free game and snacks to any birthday party or event.

What is a game truck?

Game trucks are mobile entertainment centers that are equipped to provide a variety of games and activities for kids and adults. They can be customized to fit any party’s theme and can accommodate up to 30 people at a time. 

The Game Truck is an upscale vehicle for parties. It’s a party and well as gaming truck that can be rented for birthday parties and other special events to help the people have a memorable time. The best part about The Game Truck is that the kids and adults play games all throughout the party, instead of just sitting down to eat or do school work. They get to choose their own games and win prizes while they’re at it!

Why rent a game truck for a party?

The game truck rental is a great idea for your New Jersey birthday party. The truck can be used as a centerpiece and it can seat up to 30 people. It comes with all the necessary games, prizes, and even food! A lot of fun activities are available for people of all ages. A game truck is a perfect option for a birthday party because it allows everyone at the party to be an interactive and fun experience for all. The games can also be used during other events such as corporate parties, fundraiser events, and more.

Tips for Renting a Game Truck

Renting a game truck for your NJ party is a great way to have family-friendly fun. Here are some helpful tips to help you choose the perfect game truck for your event: 

  1. Renting a game truck is a perfect way to turn your party into the ultimate day of fun. When renting, remember to consider your budget. Plan to spend at least $500 USD and more on this service.

2. When looking for services to rent from, be sure that you find a company that has a fleet of trucks in your area and is licensed by the state. It’s important to have some idea about what games are popular in your area and which games will cause the most trouble.


The Game Truck by Gotta Go Gaming was a great hit with the birthday party attendees and families. The truck brought the fun of soccer to our home. All of the guests enjoyed playing on the truck, especially when it kicked the ball right into their net!

Many people are choosing to host a party in the truck and have their guests play games while they are waiting for the food to arrive. This is an ideal way to bring some excitement to the party and make it more interesting. There is even an area where kids can play on a car track while adults can enjoy watching them and they also have an option to join them.