Tournament Rules


Gotta Go Gaming Online Tournaments

  • Tournaments will consist of 2 parts: Intra Group competitions (aka Group competition) and Grand Finale (i.e. inter group competitions).
  • Competitors will be assigned to compete against each other in their assigned group.
  • Once a winner emerges from their respective Group competition, that group winner will compete against other group winners in the Grand Finale.

Double Elimination

  • Tournament will be competed under Double Elimination rules.
  • Each bracket will be known as a team based on a color (Ex. Red Team, Blue Team, etc.)
  • Winners advance to the Winners’ Bracket while losing brings the contestant to the Losers’ Bracket
  • Losing in the Losers’ Bracket results in elimination from the tournament. If a competitor in the Losers’ Bracket beats all the competitors in that bracket then they will face the Winners’ Bracket competitor in the finals for the Group competition.
  • If the competitor from the Winners’ Bracket loses, they will compete for a 2nd match with the winner from the Losers’ Bracket. The eventual winner of the Group competition will move onto the Grand Finale.
  • This will repeat on the Grand Final day to decide a definitive winner with the only change being that rounds will then be 3 out of 5.

Connection Speed

  • Minimum of 3 upload MPBS to participate
  • Disconnecting during Winners’ Bracket matches results in person responsible for disconnect going down to the Losers’ Bracket and subsequent elimination if it occurs during Losers’ Bracket match

Late to Tournament

  • A grace period of 10 additional minutes after match start time is allowed. If the competitor is more than 10 minutes late, they will automatically be moved to the Losers’ Bracket or be eliminated if competitor is already in Losers’ Bracket match.

Tournament Prizes 

Prizes are given to the top competitors of the tournament (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners). Unless otherwise stated, the prizes shall be as follows:

First Place  = Cash Prize

Second Place = Cash Prize

Third Place = Cash Prize

Gotta Go Gaming LLC reserves the right to change the prizes. Disclosure of the prize change will be made to participants should this occur.