Welcome to the world of mobile party games for kids! In a nutshell, this innovative concept is about making it easier for parents to plan their kids’ party. Just imagine a truck that has EVERYTHING you need to throw the perfect birthday bash! Party games may not be a new concept, but they’re becoming popular in the new millennium with more families opting to host a party in their own home rather than go out. In this article, you’ll read about a mobile truck company that specializes in games for children’s birthdays!

Celebrating birthdays with a tropical truck

When kids celebrate their birthday, they love to have a party. And what better place to have that celebration than at the Jersey-based Mobile Game Truck? This truck is where the party happens, with games and prizes that are awaiting visitors in all shapes and sizes. How often does your child get bored of the same old cake and decorations? To keep them entertained and excited for their next birthday party, consider bringing in a mobile game truck to entertain them.

How does the Mobile Games Truck work?

The Gotta Go Gaming provides a mobile game truck that travels around the country hosting birthday parties. Kids can play games on the truck or in their own party room. There are also interactive areas for kids to explore and build. The truck helps make kids’ birthday celebrations not only memorable, but fun! The Mobile Games Truck is a birthday party on wheels! It reads the age on any child’s shirt and then plays games from mini basketball to vintage video games! The Mobile Games Truck even has a wall of fame for all of your little ones with their favourite characters on t-shirts.

What is a party like at the Games Truck?

The Gotta Go Gaming truck is a mobile game truck that travels to kids’ birthday parties, providing them with tons of games and prizes. They also offer healthy snacks and drinks. The Gotta Go Gaming Truck can be found at your next birthday party in New Jersey! At the mobile games truck, children are given a chance to interact with each other. They can go on rides in the game truck, play games like pinball and pool, and have their faces painted. When it’s time for cake and ice cream, kids go around and choose a different flavour of cake or ice cream.

How much does it cost?

Kids can be a difficult age, especially when it comes to celebrating birthday. There are obstacles and hurdles that they put in the way of parties, and as parents we want to make this day easy for our children. Enter the new mobile game truck! New Jersey-based mobile game truck by Gotta Go Gaming is a perfect option for kids’ birthday parties. If you’re looking for an exciting and affordable way to celebrate your child’s special day, this is the place to go. The cost of their services will vary depending on the number of guests and activities that you choose to have.


In the end, as always, it all comes down to your family. No one knows better than you when your kids are going to be proud of their gifts. If you want to take your celebration a step further, consider hosting a scavenger hunt for your child who is celebrating their birthday at home. You will find that this allows the party to last longer and reduce the amount of trouble that you have to go through. This game truck offers kids the opportunity to customize the birthday party of their dreams. Kids can choose from different games like Virtual Reality, Jenga, and Connect 4. They can also purchase gifts for their friends and family members that are delivered to the party location by a friendly game truck operator.